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Product name: EIFS Mesh
Description: Fiberglass Mesh is based on the middle-strong alkaline or non-alkaline fiber-glass loom-woven fabric and finished after being coated with an organic material. It features a strong alkali-resistant and a high strength. Mainly used in the wall warmth-keeping surface decorative system, a reinforcement for the material stratum water-proof system and as the reinforcement for the natural stonematerials...etc. It is an ideal material for building engineerig.
It is widely used in wall reinforcement ,outside wall heat insulation,and roof waterproofing. It can also reinforce cement,plastic,bitumen,plaster,marble,mosaic and other building materials.
1) Width: From 250mm to 1000mm.
2) Roll length:50m,100m,300m as per the customer requirement
3) Mainly Mesh Size: From 4 x 4mm To 10 x 10mm.
4) Mainly density from:60g/m2 to 300g/m2
5) Color: white, blue, orange and so on. All kinds of color could available
6)Packing:Inner packing:each roll is packed in shrink-wrap film or plastic bag then put on the Carton. Out pack could use Pallet if need it

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